Animal Poems


The whale is a fish
It’s a heavy animal
and it’s very strong.

It has a very big mouth
it’s very fat and strong
It swims and dives into the ocean.

It hunts fish
It’s brave
It has a flipper.
It’s huge
It is smaller than elephant
Its body’s colour is grey

Nai ,1st E

The falcon is clever
and knows a lot of things.
Falcons hunt for eating.
They mate each other and create life.

It is a strong bird
and with their legs help each other.
The falcon is a dangerous animal
if it is wild.

They live in the savannah,
looking for their preys from the sky.
When they see a prey, they go down it.
They have a strong beak.

They are as small as a dog.
When I looked at it for the first time
I saw its tiny but powerful eyes.
They have a lot of feathers except for their pows.

The falcon is unusual because it is shy.
With their wings they can fly around the world.
For me the falcon is the best bird in the world.

Arnau, 1st E

  Seal poem

The seal is cute.
The seal is beautiful.
It is fast and has one mouth.

This animal is cute.
It lives in the ocean.
It is very clever.

This animal is medium height.
The seal is faster than turtle.
It is a mammal animal.

The seal is the cutest animal.
The seal swims with flippers.
This animal is the fastest animal in the ocean.

The seal is carnivorous.
This animal hunt fish.

Raúl G., 1st E

The wolf is dangerous
it’s clever and no domesticated
The wolf is faster than cheetah.

The wolf lives in the forest
The wolf is a mammal animal.
The wolf can be female.

The wolf is very cute
The wolf has mouth
The wolf is thinner than elephant.

Jan, 1st E


Butterfly can fly.
Butterfly is beautiful
and colorful.

Butterfly has feathers
and it is clever.
It’s nicer than gorilla.

Butterfly is as small as mosquito.
Butterfly is interesting and friendly.
It is wild.

Mariama                                                       1st-E


This animal has got a long tail,
big teeth and flippers.
Shark is dangerous because its teeth.

It is huge and heavy.
Shark swims very fast.
They are strong and bite very hard.

Sharks live in the ocean.
This animal smell very well.
Shark hunt to survive.

This animal fights and breaks its preys.
This animal is very brave and kill any other animal.
Shark is wilder than dog. Sharks can’t fly.

Martí, 1st E


My animal is the panther.
The panther is very fast.
The panther has got a tail and ears.

Hunt the predatories.
Panthers can bite.
It is a brave animal.

The panthers have got whisker.
The panther has got two eyes.
Panthers are living in the jungle.

Idaira, 1st E.


The parrot is cool because he talks to you

It is colorful because it eats colorful food

It is the most fast flying in the jungle

and its beak is very big.
It is very amazing because it flies and it’s wild.
Parrot is as clever as lion but it speaks.

The parrot’s beak is longer than eagle is.

It is a unusual bird because it talks and flies

It is friendly  and it doesn’t fight.

It is the best of the birds because its feathers are colorful.

Eric, A., 1st E

The giraffe is as tall as Eiffel Tower.🗼
The giraffe is colourful,
amazing and interesting.

The giraffe has tail,
mouth, ears and eyes.

The giraffe is more
domesticated than tiger.

The giraffe is bigger
and taller than parrot.

The giraffe is ordinary,
heavy and beautiful.

The giraffe can't dance
but can jump and run.

Dua, 1st E  




Hello my name is Raúl and today i will speak about  the badminton.Badminton is a sport.You can play alone or with your partner.
The match of badminton is very easy, you win if you have twenty one points.
The badminton court is very small but in the match you run a lot, in the center of the court there is a net.The net is high.

In badminton you only need a racket,a small ball and straight trainers.
The rules in the game are very easy:you can’t touch the net with the racket or your hands,you can’t go to the other court,you can’t catch or kick the ball because is faul.
Sometimes in the champions to win you should win all the matches.Many people think that badminton is very easy but it is not so,it is a hard sport and it tries a lot.
In the badminton there are very good players,for example:Calorina Marin,the best player in the world.

Raúl G., 1st E

My sport is waterpolo.
In waterpolo you mustn’t touch the ball with your feet. Waterpolo is a water sport. The place where you can play is in a swimming pool. You can play it in the beach, too, but there is some much air.
The teams have got six players and one goalkeeper. There are some famous teams in waterpolo such as Barcelona or Madrid. Barcelona and Madrid are very famous in Spain. The rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid is exciting.
The game time is twenty minutes in four times. In this game the referee and the desk managers are outside of the water.
The equipment you need are goggles, a swimsuit and a swimming cap.
Waterpolo is a great sport to practise swimming, throwing and catching the ball.

Daniel, 1st B


Hello, today I’m explaining my favourite sport.
This sport is basketball, this activity consists to put the ball in the basket.
There are two teams of five players in each team.
For playing you need two baskets and one ball and i should wear technical clothes.
The things you can do:
  • You can do two steps and throw the ball.
  • You can bounce all of you want.
  • You can throw the ball to the basket when you wont.
Things you mustn't do:
  • You mustn’t do three steps before throw the ball.
  • If you stop bouncing you not bounce.
  • You mustn’t do five fouls.
For winning you must put the ball inside the basket more than the other team.
I play basketball since eight years ago, I practice this sport four days a week. I practice in sports center, Blanes.
I love this sport, my father and my old cousin practice it when they were young.

Martí, 1st E

Ver las imágenes de origenSCUBA DIVING

Scuba diving  is one activity in which you must drive yourself in the water.
For doing scuba diving, it is necessary to be in a good fit.
In 1943 Jacques Cousteau and the engineer Emile Gagnan were breathing into the water.
This activity can be a sport or a profession and it can be dangerous for the lungs.
If you want to do scuba diving, you need goggles and a special scuba diving suit.
I would like to do scuba diving because I like fish.

Laia P., 1st B


8th March

- Cristina, 1st B: The Women Day is on day 8th
- Lucas, 1st E: Some women protest for their rights.
- Hajar, 1st B: Women's Day always has to be purple.
- Carlos, 1st E: 8th of March is the day of the girls.
- Laia, G., 1st B: On The Women Day you should wear colour purple clothes.
- Fran, 1st E: 8th of March is the  international day for all the women around the world.
- Eric, 1st B: 8th of March is the Women’s Day.
- Chahd, 1st E: Today is a special day for the women.
- Mohamed, 1st B: Friday 8th March is the International Women Day.
- Fatu, 1st E: 8th of March is the Women Day, and the most of the women don’t work.
- Jordi, 1st B: The Woman Day is on the 8th March.
- Nai, 1st E: Today is the international day of women's rights.


Concurs d'oratòria, 2019

RIERA GUBAU FOUNDATION: Important people in my town

Éric Marín, 1st B.
INS s'Agulla, Blanes


Today  I will tell you about the region of La Selva, in particular Blanes. The public school Carles Faust is in Blanes, the name provides to an important person from Blanes. He was the creator of Botanical Garden. It’s a  beautiful school, it has a very fun and creative playground. The dining room is very decorated. There are extra school activities for the students.

Sa Palomera public secondary school has got the name of a rock that it’s very visited in the coast of Blanes.
The Sa Palomera secondary school is a great, very colourful school. There are years from ESO to Batxillerat and cycles.

Dua, 1st E

Ver las imágenes de origen
Karl Faust was born on 10th of September of 1874 in Hadman, Germany.
He likes the natural science, but the family pushed him towards business.
In Barcelona he founded the company Faust & Kandmann, which still exists.
In 1918 he bought some territories in Blanes with a partner.
When he was 50, he left his managerial tasks and voted himself completely to to the formation of The Botanical Garden.
Along with many scientists and botanists, he founded The Botanical Garden Marimurtra, which has 16 hectares.Karl Faust died on April 24th of 1952 in Blanes.

Marc, T., 1st B

Animal Poems

WHALE The whale is a fish It’s a heavy animal and it’s very strong. It has a very big mouth it’s very fat and strong It s...