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By Ruben, 1st B


My grandmother is from Andalucia.
Nuria is tall and beautiful.
Puss in BoOtS is the best cat in the world.
Hello, my name is Rubén and my birthday is on thirteenTH of June.
I am 12 years old.


On Tuesday I go to Palau Tordera and I go by bus
There is some soup in the microwave.
There are two pizzas in the oven.
My favourite lunch is pizza.

- The Internacional Cancer Day is one day very special for people with family cancer.
- The day safe internet deus is one day specialment for adolescent for save the private.
- Joan Rivera Gubau foundation is 65 education grat for study in EE.UU, UK and Ireland.
- St. valentine’s day is in 14 february is day very special for loving couple.
- I can eat but can’t use the movil phone in the class.
- I must walk the dog but i mustn’t smoke.
- I should have a shower always but I shouldn’t run in the class

Wrestling is my favorite sport and for winning the referee must count one, two and three.


Friday, 8 march is the day of the woman.
This day is very special every world.
Spring is very awesome rose,flowers…
the open doors of S’agulla is very good fathers and mothers and children visit institut S’agulla!

There is some soup in the microwave.
There are two pizzas in the oven.
My favourite lunch is pizza.
Saint George’s day is a patron In CATALONIA and IN England.
Saint George’s is FROM Turkey.
Saint George’s celebrates in Catalonia,Georgia,Lithuania,portugal,and Russia.
Saint George's was a soldier knight honor.
Dragon is al legend, is not real.
Saint George’s celebrates in Catalonia,Georgia,Lithuania,portugal,and Russia.
Saint George was a soldier knight honor.                            

1.Yesterday I went to casal.
2.When were you born? I was born on 13th June.
3.My favourite figther was born on 28 March on 1982,Orlando, Florida.
4.I sometimes help my mom at housework.
5.My grandfather died in 2014.
6.I adopted my dog 3 years ago.
7.Last friday I went to the cinema.
8.Yesterday I MET my friends and WENT to swimming pool.
9.Yesterday I didn’t go to the swimming pool.
10.My superhero is Spiderman.
11.Spiderman is very strong.
12.The inventor created a computer.

13.People didn’t use phone on ancient Rome.


Our Heroes

By Arnau, 1st E

By Matheus, 1st B

By Eric A., 1st E

By Thaïs, 1st B

By Axel, 1st E

By Natalia, 1st B

By Nai, 1st E

By Laia P., 1st B

By Fatu, 1st E



FOOD by SARA, 1st E:
In my opinion, food is the most important action, without eating I can die, I like many types of food but my favourite food is pizza.
It’s a base of bread with tomato, cheese and the ingredients you like In my pizza I put ham and I sometimes put tuna, I like them!
I usually eat meat, fish and fruit, but I don’t like vegetables, but my parents say I must eat. I like sweet food, salty food and I hate spicy food because I don’t feel well.

I’m celiaca, I mustn't eat many types of cereals, but I can eat the most of food.
On saturdays I usually cook pancakes with candy and butter, I like the texture and the candy flavour. My father cooks macaroni very well, when my sister and I stay at home on Wednesdays he cooks this meal, my sister cooks omelette and i cook frankfurts.

My mather is good making sweets, many weekend she cooks brownies with nuts.
In Catalonia, I have typical food, for example Catalan cream, calçots, bread with tomato, big sausage with beans, allioli, panellets and many more…
In Spain there are many typical food too, for example paella, serrano ham, fabada, Madrid stew, gazpacho, potato omelette and this food is delicious and very known!

Essay of food by Mohamed, 1st B

Hello,today  I’m talking about food.
In the life the food is very important. The traditional food in Spain is paella and in Morocco is Couscous.
I like eating rice, macaroni, fizzy drinks, noodles, potatoes, shrimp, cake, cheese, chips...And my favourite is pizza, chicken, fruit and crisps.
I usually eat for breakfast milk and cookies, for the dinner i usually eat rice, meat or pasta…
In my birthday there was some pizza,  cake, fizzy drinks, ice cream and juice.

The healthy food  is fish, fruit, vegetables, cereals and juice, the junk food is hamburger,  hot dog and chips.
FOOD by Martí, 1st E
Hello, today I’m going to explain my favourite food, that I eat every day and that I can do.
My favourite food when I was little was fried eggs with chips, but today my favourite food is oriental food: noodles, kebab and couscous.
At this moment I’m going to explain to you what I eat every day.
Every day, I eat for breakfast a bowl of milk with chocolate cereal and a bowl with apple, pear and orange juice.
For lunch, every day is different. Some days I have rice with fish, other days Carbonara spaghetti or hamburger with chips, but every day for dessert a bowl of fruit.
For the snack in the afternoon, I eat a plate with pineapple, watermelon, melon and ham.
And for dinner, every day is different, too.One day I have cheese omelette or a bowl of soup with noodles, but for dessert , I always eat a biscuit.
Finally, I’m going to explain what I can cook. I can prepare eggs with chips, ham or cheese omelette and chocolate cake.
In general, I have explained to you my relation with food.

Resultat d'imatges de cakeLast Saturday was my brother’s birthday and the best was the cake . The cake was very big, the cake was chocolate, the cake had a beautiful drawing, the cake was delicious.
I love cake!! It is an excellent food!!
Resultat d'imatges de pizza del carpi pizzaMy favourite food is pizza.
The pizza is delicious food, It is tasty!
The pizza is big and round.
The ingredients of the pizza are the sauce, the tuna, the olives… that’s good!!
The pizza is very popular.
I always buy pizza in Carpi Pizza.
It is the best pizza in the world. It has a great flavour.
It is an enjoyable and delicious food!


Animal Poems


The whale is a fish
It’s a heavy animal
and it’s very strong.

It has a very big mouth
it’s very fat and strong
It swims and dives into the ocean.

It hunts fish
It’s brave
It has a flipper.
It’s huge
It is smaller than elephant
Its body’s colour is grey

Nai ,1st E

The falcon is clever
and knows a lot of things.
Falcons hunt for eating.
They mate each other and create life.

It is a strong bird
and with their legs help each other.
The falcon is a dangerous animal
if it is wild.

They live in the savannah,
looking for their preys from the sky.
When they see a prey, they go down it.
They have a strong beak.

They are as small as a dog.
When I looked at it for the first time
I saw its tiny but powerful eyes.
They have a lot of feathers except for their pows.

The falcon is unusual because it is shy.
With their wings they can fly around the world.
For me the falcon is the best bird in the world.

Arnau, 1st E

  Seal poem

The seal is cute.
The seal is beautiful.
It is fast and has one mouth.

This animal is cute.
It lives in the ocean.
It is very clever.

This animal is medium height.
The seal is faster than turtle.
It is a mammal animal.

The seal is the cutest animal.
The seal swims with flippers.
This animal is the fastest animal in the ocean.

The seal is carnivorous.
This animal hunt fish.

Raúl G., 1st E

The wolf is dangerous
it’s clever and no domesticated
The wolf is faster than cheetah.

The wolf lives in the forest
The wolf is a mammal animal.
The wolf can be female.

The wolf is very cute
The wolf has mouth
The wolf is thinner than elephant.

Jan, 1st E


Butterfly can fly.
Butterfly is beautiful
and colorful.

Butterfly has feathers
and it is clever.
It’s nicer than gorilla.

Butterfly is as small as mosquito.
Butterfly is interesting and friendly.
It is wild.

Mariama                                                       1st-E


This animal has got a long tail,
big teeth and flippers.
Shark is dangerous because its teeth.

It is huge and heavy.
Shark swims very fast.
They are strong and bite very hard.

Sharks live in the ocean.
This animal smell very well.
Shark hunt to survive.

This animal fights and breaks its preys.
This animal is very brave and kill any other animal.
Shark is wilder than dog. Sharks can’t fly.

Martí, 1st E


My animal is the panther.
The panther is very fast.
The panther has got a tail and ears.

Hunt the predatories.
Panthers can bite.
It is a brave animal.

The panthers have got whisker.
The panther has got two eyes.
Panthers are living in the jungle.

Idaira, 1st E.


The parrot is cool because he talks to you

It is colorful because it eats colorful food

It is the most fast flying in the jungle

and its beak is very big.
It is very amazing because it flies and it’s wild.
Parrot is as clever as lion but it speaks.

The parrot’s beak is longer than eagle is.

It is a unusual bird because it talks and flies

It is friendly  and it doesn’t fight.

It is the best of the birds because its feathers are colorful.

Eric, A., 1st E

The giraffe is as tall as Eiffel Tower.🗼
The giraffe is colourful,
amazing and interesting.

The giraffe has tail,
mouth, ears and eyes.

The giraffe is more
domesticated than tiger.

The giraffe is bigger
and taller than parrot.

The giraffe is ordinary,
heavy and beautiful.

The giraffe can't dance
but can jump and run.

Dua, 1st E  

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