JORDI, 1st B: Hello, my name is Jordi, how are you?

DANIELA, 1st B: Hello my name is Daniela. Nice to meet you.

GINA, 1st B: Hi Nuria,
My name is Gina nice to meet you
how are you? I'm fine😄

HAJAR, 1st B: Nice to meet you, too.
DANIEL, 1st B: How are you? I'm fine thank you.
LAIA, 1st B: My name is Laia. 👦👧👧👦Nice to meet you.

NATALIA, 1st B: Hello Nuria!
MARC T.: Hi I'm Marc,nice to meet you.

ERIC, 1st B: NATALIA, 1st B: Hello Nuria!
MARC T.: Hi I'm Marc, nice to meet you.

MIREIA, 1st B: Hi, I'm in English lesson sending this message to you.


Sophie's Farewell



 ABI, 1st B


Hello! I’m Deadpool.
I was created in one thousand nine hundred ninety one, my creator is Rob Liefeld.
My first appearance being in New Mutants as Villain, but after being  superhero.
In one thousand nine hundred ninety three appearance in The Circle in Chase,in february of two thousand sixteen kick off my first film and two thousand eighteen, also  appearance in film of wolverine in two thousand nine.
My real name is Winston Wilson, my costume is red and black.
I’m tall, and strong, have the eyes white, always take spades in the back and pistol in hand,I’m immortal.
Be part of Marvel and X- Men, be part of Marvel but I am not avenger.
DARKO, 1st A

 VÍCTOR, 1st A

 MIRKO, 1st A

 MIRIAM, 1st B

I’m Doctor Strange,i’m a fictional superhero, and I appear in marvel comics.
I’m a doctor,but not a normal doctor.I have super power a strange super power.
I do magic.
I can fly and look the future. I’m not a famous superhero because my film is recent and new.
I go out in doctor strange (a film about me)  and in Avengers 3 a new project of Marvel.
I'm created by Stan-lee.
My favorites clothes are the layers. I have one layer and it have own life.
I broke my hands in an accident and when they operated on me, they gave me some magic in them.This is me a generous and rich man.



Fun things to do in Catalonia:

In Catalonia you have a lot of things to do:
You can ski in the north of Catalonia, you can go to the beach in your free time…
If you are bored at home, you can go one day to the amusement park: Portaventura. In Portaventura you can go to the attractions or you can watch the plays.
If you want to learn things about the rivers you can go to the river Ebre that is at the south of Catalonia.
Barcelona, is the capital of Catalonia, and it’s the biggest city. You can visit in Barcelona the Gaudi monuments, like the Sagrada Familia. And if you can learn about the history of Barcelona, you can go to the Culture centre Born.
In Blanes, if you have energy you can do trekking at the Costa Brava in many beaches and you can visit the best monuments, like the Sa Palomera rock or the Sant Joan hill.
In this country you have a lot of things to do...

Maria, 1st A



MIRIAM, 1st B: California is beautiful. It's one of the fifty states of USA. The capital of California is Sacramento.  It's close to Nevada and Oregon. The most popular places in California are Los Angeles, Hollywood or Beverly Hills.  In Hollywood there is the Walk of Fame, there are a lot of stars with names of famous people. I like California a lot, I will come back!

LUCIA, 1st BSophie lives in California, Saint Diego. She showed us a photos from Grand Canyon, Arizona in a festival, she explained where is California and Arizona. In the top snows, in the centre the weather is temperate with beaches and in the south there are a desert. The  most important cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Saint Diego and the Capital is Sacramento. San Francisco is very important. Los Angeles are called: L.A. The typical food in California is Mexican Food, Pizza and French fries. California has many second hand shops.

MARIAM, 1st A: California is beautiful. It's one of the fifty states of USA. The capital of California is Sacramento.  It's close to Nevada and Oregon. The most popular places in California are Los Angeles, Hollywood or Beverly Hills. In Hollywood there is the Walk of Fame, there are a lot of stars with names of famous people. I like California A LOT. I will come back!

ÂLEX, 1st B: California, California is a state of US. The most important cities are Los Ángeles, abreviously L.A, saint Francisco and Saint Diego. Sophie lives in Saint Diego but 5 years ago she lived in Saint Francisco.
In los Angeles, L.A, is there a theme park called Saint Mónica, we watch Saint Mónica in some play station ganes, Hollywood is a fashion city. In Saint Francisco there is a big Bridge, it's called the golden gate, that they're all the year to paint It, when the year end, they start to paint It again.
Sophie loves the Mexican food and she said that in California there are many places or many restaurants that sell Mexican food.
California is very beautiful. I want to go there!



NIL, 1st B: Sophie is 18 years old and she lives in Girona. She likes Spain and studies Catalan, she
love Mexican food and works in a restaurant in America, her favourites hobbies are painting and drawing, she has a younger brother but she didn't have pets, finally her favourite colour is orange.

ÀLEX, 1st B: Hello, today I want to talk about Sophie. Sophie i an american girl, she came to Spain to learn our cultures and our traditions. She´s eighteen years old and her birthday is on 8th January, she was born in California,San Diego. She likes eat Mexican Food, and she likes playing cards with her friends. Her favourite animal is the whale. Sophie has got hobbies like painting and drawing, she likes music, specially Justin Bieber. She has got one brother, he's sixteen years old. And this is Sophie.

MIRIAM, 1st B: Today has come a girl from USA to our class. Her name is Sophie Orson, she is eighteen. She lives in Saint Diego, California, and she likes a lot her city. Sophie works in a restaurant in USA, but now she is living in a teacher's home in Girona for some weeks. Her favourite colour is orange, and her favourite animal is the whale. She has a brother, he is sixteen. Sophie seems nice, she will come again next week.

LUCÍA, 1st B: A teacher assistant came, she came from Saint Diego, California. Her name is Sophie and she is 18 years old. She has a brother, he is 16 years old. Sophie likes drawing and panting. Sophie works in a restaurant after high school. She lives in a flat sin Girona. She studied Secondary, she doesn't have pets but she has a car. Sophie likes the languages Catalan and French. Things she liked are: Roses, Lion King movie, California, Music and Justin Bieber.

JAIRO, 1st B: She is called Sophie, she is 18 years old. Sophie hasn’t got children and she isn’t married. She is a student and loves the music and her favourite singer is Justin Bieber. Now she lives in Girona, but before Sophie lived in San Diego, California. She likes Catalan and the Spanish. She doesn’t practise any sport, but Sophie likes: Basketball and her favourite player is Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Her favourite game are cards. She loves Mexican food as: Tacos, but as well Spanish food as:paella, bread with tomato, etc. Sophie loves the high school and her favourite subject is History. Her favourite favourite film is the Lion King. She doesn’t like Donald Trump as president, and she think he is crazy.

LAURA, 1st A: Hello! My name is Sophie. My favourite singer is Justin Bieber. My favourite food is Mexican food. I don´y like sharks. I don´t like horror films. My favourite fruit is watermelon. My favourite colour is orange. My favourite ice cream is chocolate. I don´t like kisses. My favourite sport is basketball. I like pizza. I have a 1 brother. My favourite animal are whaoles. I love strawberries. I love bananas.

MARIA, 1st A: Sophie is an American girl that she lives in Saint Diego, a city of California. She’s 18 years old. She has one little brother and his name is Marco. He is 16 years old. She really loves Spain and she’s staying in Cristina’s house. In Cristina’s house she eats vegetables and some pasta. Her favourite food are the tacos and her favourite fruit is the watermelon. Her favourite sport is basketball but she doesn’t play it. Sophie’s favourite hobby is painting, and she doesn’t like computer games. She likes surfing but just for fun. Her favourite animal is the whale and she hates the sharks.

IKRAM, 1st A: Sophie is a student that comes here to practise Spanish. She studies history and art
and these are her favourite subjects. She is eighteen years old and her brother, Marco is two years younger than her. She lives in Saint Diego, California, but here she is staying in Girona with Cristina.

She likes Mexican food because it's near to her city. Sophie's pets are dogs but her favourite animal is the whale. She doesn't like meat and fish but she like chiken. Sophie loves watermelon.

She likes to surf but her favourite sport is basketball. She doesn't practise but she watch it. Her favourite singer is Justin Biber and she likes Disney movies.

She is here for learning Spanish and Catalan culture. Cristina went to Girona's Cathedral. She said that is really beautiful because it is!




In this essay I’m explaining the dishes about food.
My dad is chef, his dishes are tasty, his speciality is Lillet fish with hollandaise sauce.
My favourite food is spaghetti. I can cook pasta, it’s very easy.
I don’t normally eat junk food, I normally eat healthy food: as meat, fruit, pasta, vegetables, chips… but I like junk food as chocolate or hamburger.
On holiday my family cook chicken, octopus, roast lamb. My favourite is the roast lamb.
I don’t cook, only pasta. My mother and my father help me to cook.
For breakfast I eat milk with cookies. For lunch I eat depends on the day. For snack I eat a sandwich. For dinner I eat an omelette.

Lucía, 1st B


My favourite food is pizza with pepperoni. Pizza is a typical food of Italy. In my country (Spain) is “Paella” or “Tortilla”. I love Italian gastronomy. My father is italian, and he cooks “Ragú” (a tomato sauce) very well.The typical desserts in Spain are “Torrijas” “Arroz con leche” and “Buñuelos".
The best restaurant in the world is Can Roca. The cheffs are two brothers: Joan and Josep.
I don’t eat very well. I like the junk food. For breakfast I have Milk and cookies. Later I have dinner different food: Fish,  vegetables, chicken..And at the end of the day I have soup, more milk and a sandwich.

Mirko, 1st A

My favourite food is pizza. I eat pizza once a week. I normally eat it on Fridays in school. I don’t like broccoli, chickpeas, cauliflower, hot dogs, etc. But the food that I can’t stand are lentils.

When is my birthday I usually eat a little chocolate cake, some sweets, chocolate…       When is Christmas, New Year, The Three Wise Men’s Day… I usually eat some chicken, pork loin, potatoes, prawns…

I think it’s very important to eat healthy food because it is very good for our health.         We should eat fruit and vegetables every day.

Yesterday I ate for breakfast some bread with ham. For lunch I went to Mc Donald’s with Judit. In the afternoon I ate some sweets and for dinner I ate a sandwich.

Andrea, 1st A

My food

My favourite food are Ice cream, and chocolate.
I like Ice cream because it is very sweet and because it has many very cool colours and because it is very delicious.
I like chocolate because it is white and milk, but i do not like dark chocolate, i hate it because i do not like its taste.
The food i hate is the hake bars, i do not like how it tastes.
Now i will tell you about the food i eat at lunch, snack in the evening.
For lunch i like macaroni, spaghetti, chicken,vegetables,cannelloni and many other things.
For snack i eat a toast with ``nutella´´ and a glass of warm milk ``cola-cao´´.
In the evening as a starter i have a soup or vegetable or pumpkin cream. For main course i eat a french omelette, hamburgers and other many things.

Aina, 1st A

The food is very important because if you don’t eat, you don’t live, because the body needs the vitamines. You need eat fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.
I like all kind of food but I don’t like the vegetables so much but it is the most healthy food but it isn’t very delicious. I like the pasta, pizza, salad, fish, meat, chips, etc.
The fast food isn’t healthy, it’s junk food such as burgers, hot dogs etc.
The vegetables are healthy or the fish, too. I like the fish, chicken, meat, some vegetables and fruit.

In Spain the traditional food is the paella. I like the paella!